Call Name: Merlot
Registered Name:   BISS GCH Marlo's Winecup v Barste
Date of Birth: 02/18/2012
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Merlot (BISS GCH Marlos Winecup v Barste) finished the year as #7 Bitch and is also a Top Twenty Rottweiler, American Rottweiler Club, for 2014!!!!!


Merlot Best In Specialty Win

Another Group Placement!!

Our pretty girl -- 17 months old

Merlots wins her first group placement!!!

Finishing her Grand Championship in style.

Merlot says, "This is fun, Mom!!!"

Merlot finishes her CH at the tender age of 15 months!!

Head shot - 7 months old

I said "Aaahhhh", now you need to count my teeth!!!

9 weeks and already showing!!

OMG!! Will that pesky sister EVER leave me alone?

12 weeks and still showing!!

Yeah, she only THINKS she's hunting wabbits!!